We offer Scooter rental services!

If you want to ride a comfortable, beautiful and safe scooter – you are very welcome! Please call +371 29238603.for detailed information.

We love our customers that’s why we made truly light and comfortable scooters with shock absorbers located both in front and behind of the scooter. To rent our scooters is a great solution for any distance trips.

The rental centre for scooters is located at:
Bauskas str 184 (Riga).

To make a reservation please call +371 29238603.

Cost of rent in Riga:
1 hour scooter rental 3.00 €
4 hours scooter rental 5.00 €
1 day scooter rental 7.00 €
24 hours scooter rental 10.00 €
5 days scooter rental (Mon to Fri) 35.00 €

Scooter rental security deposit requirements: 50 EUR and a valid and original photo ID, passport or driving license of each driver

Delivery in Riga - 5 €

We offer free delivery and return in the city for those who are renting more than 3 scooters at a time.
We offer discounts for business clients and child care facilities.

Advantages of scooter rental:

  • Lightweight: easy to fold and carry (weight 5.1 kg)
  • Safety: Durable handlebar fork and aluminium deck
  • Great cushioning: front and back suspension to absorb the vibrations of the road
  • Speed and comfort: big wheels make the ride stable and less sensitive to uneven surfaces

Please call

+371 29238603

for detailed information.